5 Ways to Grow Your Hair Faster

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It’s no secret that long, wavy locks are something to lust over.Styling is more versatile, the natural look is easier and messy buns are bigger and better. Your hair grows every night, but only by a little, but you can speed up the process and have long, strong hair in no time at all. Here are 5 ways to make your hair grow faster.

1.Use a weekly mask

Treating your hair is a lot like looking after your face. It’s delicate, with good days and bad days it could benefit from a lot of TLC. That being said, it’s easy to find ourselves caught up in a basic wash and dry routine. Try something a little extra and you will find that it really goes a long way. Add a mask each week (put it on at the same time as your face one for the ultimate pamper) and your hair’s condition will dramatically improve.

 2. Ditch the heat

Styling hair is an essential part of an everyday routine, and often this involves a great deal of heat. From drying hair to achieving the perfect curl, making your hair look nice can actually be pretty damaging. Try a more natural style (rock the messy bun, or crunchy curls) and it will all be worth it when you notice your hair getting longer.

3. Change up your diet

You are what you eat really is true when it comes to your hair. Without the essential vitamins, you might find that it has difficulty growing. Make sure you are eating enough protein and essential vitamins (eggs and red meat are a great source of both), and your hair will have all the food it needs to grow.

4. Massage your hair

You might not even think anything of brushing your hair, but it can actually be really beneficial in making it grow. Taking time out of your day to massage your scalp, brushing from the root to the ends, can ensure natural oils are being evenly spread. This is the easiest way to stimulate growth without spending a penny.

5. Get a regular cut

It might seem like cutting your hair when trying to make it grow is counter-productive. If you want longer hair the thought of getting a trim can be painful. But, in reality, cutting the ends off gives you healthier hair. Plus, the better the condition, the more it will grow. Get a chop every six to eight weeks and not only will your ends be healthier, but the hair will grow much faster too.